What Emergency Response Software does (ERS)



On Time for Anything is a combination of software, hardware, and cloud services to complete the puzzle we face in managing life.

Life needs orderOn Time for Anything has scheduling software for shifts, classes, reveille (wake calls!)  for daily activities or has a calendar for periodic events like staff meetings, assemblies, or annual picnics. Life is fragileOn Time for Anything can serve to trigger alerts and send needed messages to keep life safer. Life changes; On Time for Anything has many pieces that can be added to keep the puzzle in shape. The system can start with two pieces like a cell phone and the cloud signal for messaging by voice, text and email and grow as life changes – like the unexpected…

The unexpected, in the past we would have said it will never happen – but not todayPuzzlePiece2

Whether your facility is a school, an office building, or a manufacturing plant- being prepared is the BEST way to rapidly disseminate accurate emergency information before, during, and after an emergency situation. On Time for Anything can help you get information to the target staff on the right device in real time for faster, more efficient responses.

Brochures, GD’s,Power Points

Emergency events and/or crisis situations require communicating with many people quickly and efficiently. We blend software, hardware, and cloud services to integrate existing alarms and communication systems so your current technologies can start to work together.

Pre-recorded messages are clear and reassuring. They provide accurate and articulate instructions to your students, employees, and/or colleagues are the best method of delivery. Text-to-speech technology expands your options even further. Ultimate Communications can offer different hardware, software, and cloud service systems to fit your application and budget. For example: in an office complex or manufacturing plant, strobe lights and overhead paging horns can be interfaced to existing hardware to deliver the message in your own voice. In other applications such as schools, critical; notifications for a wide range of emergencies situations are available.

Additional features:
  • Cloud monitoring increases up-time operations
  • Connections to intercom / telephone and paging systems for a seamless response
  • Live paging, district-wide and school by school
  • Panic buttons in the front office for instant lock-down