Easier Faster & Better drives mankind forward from the stone age to the iron age or the printing press to the iPad we all want Easier Faster & Better – (EFB)!

That is Ultimate Communications Software.

(Our elevator speech!)

(1-page Overview of products)

Ultimate the sweet spot of innovation with telecom tools, data programming, and cloud services. Our applications are easy to install, service and support – EFB!  If we don’t already have the app you need we may be able to build one for you. Our customized programming is EFB because we have our own programming language within Microsoft with telecom widgets that help us work Easier, Faster, and Better, therefore, helping you sooner.

What you will find on this website are shrink-wrapped applications and a number of custom applications created for customers with specific needs. The short video on the About Us page illustrates our history and outlines our skill set.

Ultimate Communications Software specializes in blending, enhancing and developing solutions for local and international business, industry and public sector clients. We distribute these solutions through over 300 dealers and distributors. We offer direct support to our users over the Internet and through regional and national product shows. Ultimate Software Applications, we are here for you.

Ultimate Communications Software is distributed through:

  • 300 Dealers Worldwide
  • Distributors like Teleco, Toshiba, and Continuant, & TAG
  • Supporting users, dealers and distributors directly
  • Direct sales and support of custom software applications

Online demonstrations @ www.Join.me/UltimateDemo

For direct sales support for shows, training, RFP requests, and pricing preparations, contact: Roy Catron 262-789-9654 (business) 262-853-6111 (cell) 262-789-9649 (DemoOnDemand Line – to schedule or start a demonstration) Email Ultimate Download Brochures – the Ultimate Binder