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On Time for an Emergency

horizontalCell phone3            Update information for mass messages real-time. React to almost any emergency and communicate through overhead paging, phone calls, text messages, message boards and email. Trigger or clear an alert with our mobile application.

On Time for a Pick-up  

Remind a rider about the time for the community bus arrival or winterbusstop80announce that a prescription is ready for pickup. Contact clients that the tax form is complete & can be signed and then sent in.

On Time Reports                                                                                                                             Ultimate NewTrafficwGreen80Call Accounting for phone systems, Response Time Reports for Caregivers, Connected call reports for appointment reminders and Traffic Studies to manage voice and data systems.

On Time for an Appointment  

Call patients about upcoming appointments, remind staff &DoctorAppointment customers of important training events, and send periodic messages to clients about a monthly meeting, quarterly hair color, or account review.

On Time for a Shift Change  

factoryHornMake manufacturing and factories on time and safer. Blow the whistle for a shift, or break time. Schedule times for different days or a weekend shift. Trigger an alert for a chemical spill and the need for evacuation or clean up.

 On Time Patient Care                                                                                                           Enhance, replace or patientMonitoring80expand your nurse call system. Combine software, cloud services &  wireless technology for better patient care, easier system administration and attract more residents.

On Time for Class

schookids8011Keep students on schedule and keep schools safer. The software integrates with almost any paging and phone system and benefits schools, camps, training facilities, prisons, museums and libraries.

On Time for a Delivery

Do you need someone present when deliveries are made? Do you homedeliverywant to remind your customer an installation team is coming tomorrow afternoon? Keep deliveries on time with our Ultimate   application.