Appointment Reminder Software (ARS)

 Sends messages as a reminder!

Appointment Reminder Software (ARS) is no longer just for doctors!   ARS allows you to send reminders by voice (telephone call), text (SMS), or even by email message. Many types of businesses have now begun to use ARS with their clients:



brochures, GD, Power Point
Brochures, GD, Power Point
  • Attorneys, consultants, accountants, brokers and real estate agents
  • Household furnishings and appliance deliveries
  • Flooring, siding, or roofing installation
  • Elderly community bus programs
  • Airport pick up
  • Materials pick up or drop off
  • Any business that sets appointments with its clients!

Appointment Reminder Software benefits:

  • Save time and money (no more staff time spent on reminder calls; waste less time rescheduling appointments or deliveries)
  • Maintain security (customer data and company data – the application is in your office under your control)
  • Get results and reports (ARS calls up to 5 times and indicates success or failed calls)

How does Appointment Reminder Software work?

  • Using current VOIP technology (Voice Over Internet Protocol)
  • Installs on an existing Windows computer with internet access
  • Works with the scheduling software you already have in place
  • The message is individualized by day of week, time of the appointment, and service provided
  • Is able to make phone calls, sends text messages and emails to clients. For example;

“This is an appointment reminder from ABC Roofers. We are calling to remind you that we are scheduled for new shingle installation on your house on Monday at 10:00 a.m.  If you cannot make this appointment call 222-333-4404 to reschedule, or press any key on your telephone now.” Let us show you how Appointment Reminder Software works with our DemoOnDemand service! Call the DemoOnDemand line at 262-789-9649 or click here to email us. (Remember to let us know what time you’d like the demo and include a phone number for us to call you right back.) Schedule a Demo