Attention Shoppers

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Attention Shoppers software gives you menu driven options for setting up a schedule of commercials to be broadcast to shoppers. The software includes an easy to use Windows® interface for schedule changes, and allows you to view and print daily advertisement schedules. Attention Shoppers software allows you to create flexible schedules and security alerts.

Attention shoppers schedule features

  • Each department or retail grouping can have a separate schedule, zone, and tone for the ads,  reducing time and training costs while increasing flexibility
  • Schedule up to 18 months in advance to allow for long range planning.
  • Override the current schedule for special events to announce a special discount or remind shoppers to pick up supplies before an upcoming storm.
  • Default daily, weekly, and weekend schedules can be set up in advance, and provide flexibility if a change is required
  • Print the schedule as needed to keep employees informed
  • Manual override allows you to disable the automatic advertisements schedule in case of an emergency