Case Study of 911 and other emergencies


An Ultimate “case study” for 911 calls & other emergencies

One of our programmers worked with a local organization that has multiple sites and buildings. This group has about 150 employees and needed help with 911 calls and other emergencies. I recall hearing the CEO say, “Ten years ago, I would never have dreamed that I would be authorizing an emergency response plan like this.” The controller said, “No one wants to budget for events we hope will never happen, but in todays’ world; we all know action plans need to be in place…soon!’

a new twist on this case
a new twist on this case study

For background most phone systems inform the primary answering station which extension dialed 911. But for the purposes of this application, let’s assume she was on another call and do not notice the alpha-numeric display alert. Now, what are they going to do if they don’t know where to send emergency personnel when they arrive? A plan was developed, and that’s where Ultimate Communications and our OnTimeforAnything software can help!

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     The first phase includes a 911 call. If ‘911’ is dialed the phone system generates real time data. The software detects the 911 caller’s locations and time. Next the OnTimeforAnything  sends a text to over a dozen staff members with a statement like this: “A 911 alert has occurred at the main building from extension 345 on the second floor near room 175.” This data comes to about a dozen staff members labeled with a user defined caller identification name and pre-selected phone number ensuring a quick response.  Now, if one of the staff is nearby they can press reply and say “I will check into this 911 call…” all the emergency members receive this reply which can reduce duplication of efforts. When he or she arrives and declares the event is now under control he can use his smart phone and send an “all clear” message with our Ultimate mobile application.

     Phase two is available without any additional hardware.  We just expand to general emergencies. Any staff member can trigger a different alert with our free mobile application. For example the following message can be sent all the teachers and administration announcing, “In light of the strong winter storm we will move to an early dismissal at 11:30 this morning.” This message can be sent via text, email, or as a phone call.

Phase three is an option with onsite software and hardware.  OnTimeforAnything  can take another step by connecting to the current phone system and including an audio page and/or visual indication of some type of emergency. In this example, let’s assume someone bypassed the front office check-in desk. The front desk can press a button (on the phone or under the desk) which sends an alert to any number of staff members and plays an audio announcement through the paging system, something like, “We have a code blue at the middle school – code blue, thank you!” The teachers know that this means to casually walk to the door and secure it until the all clear message is sent. This same message can be displayed as banner on the top or bottom computer screens too.

      In an additional phase, phase four, we can add our Mass Message Application (MMA) where the school can send an email or text to all the student’s parents to call a number, there can be a pre-recorded audio message set to play, making it easy for thousands to hear an update without tying up phone lines. (Similar to the old time and temperature number many of us grew up using) If you would like to hear a sample call – Dial 970-673-1850. Tell me more  (When you call the 970 number you will hear more from the customer above – in their own words.)

For more documentation and information: for a live demonstration call 262.789.9649 the DemoOnDemand line or email