Emergency Response Software

Increase safety – React quickly!


OnTimeforAnything software gives you menu driven options for setting up a schedule of zones and sounds to be used for playing messages to your students, shift personnel, and clients. The software includes an easy to use Windows® interface, which enables you to view the schedule, make changes as needed, and print it out.

OnTimeforAnything software allows you to create multiple schedules and different security alerts. Cloud ReAction blends onsite cloud services, expanding communication, and alert options. OnTimeforAnything documents actions, provides performance tests, and also provides optional monitoring.

OnTimeforAnything – schedule features:

  • Each  department can have a separate schedule, zone, and tone. This reduces time and training costs while increasing flexibility.
  • Create this schedule up to 18 months in advance to allow for long-term planning
  • Override the current schedule for special events (HR meeting, pep rally, or birthday party)
  • Default daily, weekly, and weekend schedules can be set up in advance but provide flexibility if a change is required.
  • Print the schedule as needed to keep staff informed.
  • Manual override allows you to disable the automatic bell ringing schedule in case of an emergency.
OnTimeforAnything – Page Zone Features
  • Allows for up to 100 zones (each with its own schedule and sounds)
  • A zone can be as small as one room
  • Each zone can have a different tone (reducing confusion in common areas such as cafeterias and lobbies)
  • Optional relay can ring existing ‘bells,’ operating a visual light (strobe) in high decibel areas.
  • Play the .wav file sounds through paging systems, room telephones, and even computer network speakers.
OnTimeforAnything – Cloud Features
  • Send text messages
  • Send text-to-voice messages
  • Send email messages
  • Trigger an alert from a smartphone, tablet, or computer.
  • Message inventory can be used by multiple offices, schools, or branches.
OnTimeforAnything– Interoperability features
  • Compatible with over 200 phone systems
  • SIP, digital, and analog connectivity.
  • Legacy and new paging systems
  • Single site, networked applications, and wide web communications
  • Wired, wireless, environmental, and timed event alerts and communications
All of these features enable you to update in place systems with current technology and expand as needs change down the unexpected highway!