Doctor Reminder Software (DRS)

Brochures, Power Points, GD’s

DRS sends message to patients, these reminders are sent by voice (telephone call), text (SMS), or by email message. Reminders include date, time, office, and the professional being seen. Best of all you use the medical office software you are using now.

• Save time (reach hundreds even thousands in a timely fashion)
• Maintain security (customer data, HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act) , the application is in your office )
• Get results and reports (DRS calls up to 5 times and indicates success or failed calls- ring no answer or busy)
• Reduce staff turnover (turn the hated routine of reminder calls into productive employee service)


How does the software work?

• Using current VOIP technology (Voice Over Internet Protocol)
• Installs on an existing office computer that can access the Internet
• Makes phone calls, sends text messages and emails to patients. For example;

 “This is an appointment reminder from The ABC Clinic. We are calling to remind you of an upcoming appointment with the medical professional, Sandy Healer on Monday at 7 in the morning at the Springfield office. If you cannot make this
appointment call 222‐333‐4404 to reschedule, or press any key on your telephone now.”

Why Doctor Reminder Software?

  • Return on Investment in months not years!
  • Reminds patients of an appointment time, day, and the location
  • Reminds patients to call and reschedule appointments so you can fill the time with last minute requests
  • The average medical appointment is over $150.00 in revenue. Most professionals have about 18 appointments per day. One missed appointment a day is about $3,000.00 in lost revenue per month.  (Just think if you miss one appointment per professional!)

Increase revenue with DRS Today by increasing office visits!