Downloading Ultimate Software Applications

This section has the current software for Call Accounting, Ultimate Communicator, SPARK, and OnTimeforAnything. These applications are to be installed on computers with Microsoft Windows 7, 8, or  Windows Server 2008, 10  or 2013.

General information about upgrades and current exe.s

SPARK for 30 days

The Ultimate Call Accounting files will require a license activation to see the reports. License options are for:

  • 90 days
  • 1 year
  • 5 years or outright ownership

A live demo is available daily at 262-789-9649 for any of these products.

If you are a current Ultimate Call Accounting customer with a software version 9.0 or older call 262- 789-9654 or email for instructions on how to upgrade to the current software. Your will need to:

  • Know the current software level (check under help and about in the call accounting software you are now using)
  • Give us your company name, city and,  state (your e-card works too!)
  • If possible, give us the type of telephone system you have in place now (sometimes you can find this by looking at the bottom of your telephone)
  • Give us the name of the phone system service company (if you know it.) It may be the company that you bought the phone system from or who you call when you need service or to add or move a telephone.
Please be aware: if you upgrade to 10.0 + from 9.0 + a new license and fee is required. If you have any questions call 262-789-9654 or email