InnService – for the TOSHIBA Strata® CIX

Easier for your staff.  Better for your guests!

With InnService for Strata® CIX, your business can have what it deserves – dependability with our Toshiba telephone system along with your Property Management System working as one integrated solution. Your guests and your staff will appreciate the plentiful and valuable features InnService Software provides.

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Manage your business telecommunication expenses

  • Line traffic studies – indicates if the property has too many or too

    o few lines

  • Monthly phone bill reports – helps you budget and complete profitability studies
  • Real and alternative rate reports – provides a snapshot of cost versus profit of telephone operating expenses
  • Track guest calls – to help in billing back for long distance, the internet, and local calls
  • Detail reports – may be chronological, or be indexed by department/extension or account code
  • Frequently dialed number report – A report that will list up to ninety-nine numbers dialed with the number of occurrences. The report may display numbers dialed, numbers received, or both combined. This will help you manage your guest services.
  • Room status report – helps staff quickly identify vacant rooms
  • Wake-up call report – documents that a wake-up call was attempted, made, and acknowledged by the guest
  • Personalize the wake-up call message – new recording every day if you desire
  • Provide for cash deposit – prepaid allowed for local and long distance calls
  • Automatically activates a voice mailbox as a guest checks in and automatically clears a voice mailbox as a guest checks out – seamless check-in and check-out procedures  optimize front desk operations
  • Real-time alerts – notifies the front desk and other predefined location of 911 calls and the extensions requesting help
  • Room status indicators for clean, occupied, needs repair or cleaning – automates the check-in process
  • Restrict dialing patterns – while the room is cleaned, repaired or awaiting the next guest
  • Telephone calls are posted to the Property Management Systems automatically

InnService makes the Toshiba hotel friendly and voice mail guest friendly.