Music On Hold

The Ultimate Message/ Music On Hold (MOH) Player – Message On Hold and custom announcement System. The MOH Player is a complete message / Music On Hold player and custom announcement. system. The player has all the key features of a serious MOH player while the supporting web site delivers rapid, professional, and customizable announcements. This makes for a  perfect combination!
  •  View and download a one page installation overview

Installation Guide

  • View and download a one page sales overview

MOH Player Sales Sheet

  • View a video installation overview

Using the Ultimate MOH unit

  • View a video of website process for creating a custom message and music (with most major audio files; MP3 – Wav (all formats) – ADPCM – uLaw – ALaw)

Using the website to create a custom message

Default: “MOH Music” and “Please Hold” Announcement

Ultimate MOH Message sample

to listen to a sample of custom music and our custom announcements press the red buttonwallmount picture2