Smoke & Cloud Signal

Get the message out
to the everyone at the
same time!


Smoke signals were once used for getting messages out quickly to many people at one time. Now you can send a digital Smoke otherwise known as a Cloud Signal! Use our software to send a personalized voice, SMS (text), or e-mail message to those you need to reach about appointments, upcoming events, or even an emergency. Stop paying for staff to remind, recruit, and inform one person at a time. Use Smoke Signal to quickly schedule, alert, and enlist the people you need to reach (clients, volunteers, students, customers, etc.)

Brochures, Power Points, GD's
Brochures, Power Points, GD’s


  • Teams can announce a schedule or location change for
    a meeting, practice, or game
  • Instructors can send a message to parents or students about current concerns or upcoming events
  • Clubs, agencies, religious, or fraternal organizations can recruit assistance from members
  • Cities can contact residents about civil service emergencies (water, sewer, gas, or electric)
  • Courts and governmental agencies can contact jurors about cases and clients about appointments
  • Political campaigns can reach volunteers and potential voters

In other words, anyone can send a Smoke Signal and anyone with a phone can get the message!

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