SPARK or Connect “a smart communication service”

Text hundreds of cell
phones in seconds – LIGHTNING FAST communications !

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SPARK software allows you to use your computer keyboard to send a text message to anyone’s cell phone. With SPARK, you easily may send a message to one, several, or even hundreds of cell phone users at a time.

Software Benefits:

Brochures, Power Point
Brochures, Power Point
  • SPARK is simple! Easy enough to be up and running in less than five minutes.
  • Many of us do not text because it’s difficult. Spark allows you to use your computer’s keyboard, instead of those little cell phone buttons!
  • SPARK is affordable! Depending on the application, the cost may be the same as a daily cup of coffee.
  • Reach over 600 people in minutes! Touch one button and reach hundreds of people with the same text message.

SPARK has many applications:

  • Send a hot tip, a schedule change, a timely promotion or urgent message.
  • Restaurants, golf courses, and spas can send a text to an individual that their table, tee-time, or spa appointment is ready
  • Send financial tips (mortgage rates, stocks, and real estate)
  • Alert parents of a snow day, lockdown, or medical outbreak
  • Call off little league games due to bad weather, or remind teams about practice place and time
  • Initiate a call for help on a faith based project, or to get out the vote on an important issue
  • Reschedule staff or group meetings, promote a midweek concert or trigger a curfew reminder
  • Inform parents of a disruptive toddler at a childcare center or church nursery
  • Trigger a discreet reminder that one’s car repair is complete, or send a note to have the customer call for an estimate total

If your company needs to call individuals with a recorded announcement, ask us about our Smoke Signal product.