Ultimate Call Accounting

Knowing how your phones are used saves you money and makes you money! 

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Let Ultimate! Call Accounting Keep Your Profits on the Rise

  • Deliver reports automatically to your desktopCustomer Service
  • Equip your managers with timely information about employee telephone usage
  • Display precise information about  phone line usage
  • Identify positive and negative telephone trends
  • Allocate telecom expenses to each department
  • Install quickly and with limited staff training
  • Expose misuse of time on the telephone, keeping profits going up and your expenses under control.
Did you know that 90% of telephone systems have 20% too many lines? Let the Ultimate! Family of Call Accounting Products fix this and other communications issues for you. Additional Call Accounting features include:
  • Call Accounting software is available for over 200 types of phone systems
  • Centralized Call Accounting for multiple sites and even different phone systems.
  • CFO-Call Accounting as a service for governmental or regional offices with reporting requirements and operational budgets
  • Real Times Alerts for toll fraud and 911 requirements
  • Customized reports and interfaces for billing systems
  • Optional AdTracker reporting for some phone systems ( to learn more print this brochure)
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